Message title: Acting on God’s Promises 

Pours this episode:

  • Blantons (JB/Rob)
  • Eagle Rare Stars and Stripes Pick (JB/Rob)
  • Whiskey War (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB & Fancy Rob kick off begin a new series focused on the book of Acts with “Acting on God’s promises”, focusing on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. They explore Peter’s proclamation on the Day of Pentecost and the importance of repentance and baptism as acts of faith. They emphasize the need to act on God’s promises and invite listeners to reach out to them for guidance in developing a relationship with Jesus. The guys then review the feature pour for todays episode from High Bank Distillery, with Whiskey War.


  • God promises His Holy Spirit to those who believe and act on His promises.

  • Repentance and baptism are essential acts of faith and submission to Jesus.

  • The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, draws us to righteousness, and guides us in our lives.

  • Baptism is an outward expression of grace and a proclamation of one’s faith in Christ.

  • Whiskey War is a baseline spirit from High Bank Distillery with a higher rye mash bill. Approachable and enjoyable at 88 proof, making it a good daily drinker under $40.

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