Message topic: Supplier in Despair

Pours this episode:

  • Maker’s Mark Private Select 2018 (JB)
  • Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star (Rob)
  • Maker’s Mark BRT 01 (JB/Rob)
  • Maker’s Mark BRT 02 (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB and Fancy Rob discuss their passion for Jesus, the Holy Scriptures, and good whiskey. They also provide updates on JB’s recovery from an injury and share their plans for future episodes. The main message of the episode focuses on dealing with despair and finding hope in God’s presence. They emphasize the importance of putting one’s life in God’s hands, resting in His presence, and being reminded of His goodness. They also discuss personal experiences and recovery from despair. The episode concludes with the feature pour of Makers Mark BRT-02, followed by a happy accident of Fancy Rob’s BRT-12 blending BRT-01 and BRT-02 together.


  • The hosts discuss their recovery from despair and the importance of putting one’s life in God’s hands.

  • Elijah’s story is used as an example of overcoming despair and finding strength in God.

  • Taking time for rest, nourishment, and prayer can help in overcoming despair and continuing the journey.

  • Put your life in God’s hands and find hope in His presence.

  • Rest in God’s presence and be reminded of His goodness.

  • Remember that you are not alone in times of despair.

  • Mixing BRT-1 and BRT-2 creates a unique and enjoyable whiskey experience.

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