Message Topic: Do You Wang go be Healed?

Pours this episode:

  • Jack Daniels Bonded – (JB)
  • Mayberry Spirits Distillers Reserve – (Rob)
  • Heaven Hill BiB – (JB)
  • Evan Williams BiB- (Rob)
  • Henry McKenna Single Barrel BiB – (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB and Fancy Rob discuss personal updates, the healing of the crippled man in Bethesda, and the power of grace and salvation. They emphasize that spiritual brokenness cannot be fixed on one’s own and that Jesus is the answer. They encourage listeners to turn away from the opinions of the world and proclaim the name of Jesus. The episode concludes with a tasting of the feature pour Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bottled in Bond.


  • The host opens up about his personal struggles with grief and depression.
  • They continue their series on “One on One with Jesus” and discuss the healing of the crippled man in Bethesda.
  • The pool of Bethesda was believed to have healing powers, but only one person could be healed at a time
  • Jesus asks the man if he wants to be healed, highlighting the need for recognizing one’s own brokenness and the inability to fix it on their own.
  • The importance of recognizing the need for healing and not relying on one’s own strength.
  • You cannot fix your spiritual brokenness by your own power; Jesus is the answer.
  • Turn away from the opinions of the world and let God transform you.
  • The power of grace and salvation lies in Jesus, who offers healing and restoration.

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