Message Topic: Gifting

Pours this episode:

  • Buffalo Trace (Rob)
  • Nulu Single Barrel – Pinheads Pick (JB)
  • Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star (Rob)
  • Limestone Branch Malted Rye (JB)
  • Blanton’s Single Barrel (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB and Fancy Rob discuss their own Christmas traditions and talk about receiving good and bad gifts. They explore the concept of God as a great gift giver and how the Holy Spirit delivers God’s gifts to believers. They also emphasize the importance of using our gifts to serve others and glorify God. The hosts then share the feature pour with a twist this time in a Blanton’s egg nog.


  • The hosts share their excitement for the Christmas season and their own traditions.

  • God is a great gift giver and gives good and perfect gifts to His children.

  • The passage from Luke chapter one is about the fulfillment of God’s promise to Zechariah and Elizabeth.

  • Zechariah doubted the angel’s message and was struck silent until John was born.

  • Zechariah regains his voice and praises God, filled with the Holy Spirit.\

  • The Holy Spirit delivers God’s gifts to believers, including the spiritual gifts.

  • We are all given different gifts to use for the glory of God and to serve others.

  • The greatest gift of all is Jesus, who gave His life for our salvation.

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