Message Topic: Conceiveing

Pours this episode:

  • Benchmark Full Proof (JB)
  • Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star (Rob)
  • Chattanooga Cask 111 (Rob)
  • Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond (JB)
  • Conviction 4 Year (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB and Fancy Rob discuss the work of the Holy Spirit in the conception of Jesus. They explore how the Holy Spirit prepared Mary’s heart, and the overall work of the Holy Spirit in the Christmas narrative.

They also enjoy a feature pour of Frugal McDougal Single Barrel Pick of Conviction from Southern Grace Distillery.


  • The Holy Spirit played a crucial role in the conception of Jesus, preparing Mary’s heart and ensuring Jesus’ perfect humanity and divinity.

  • Jesus’ conception leads to our conversion and reconnection with God, bridging the gap between our sin and a Holy God.

  • Through Jesus, we have a direct connection with God the Father, and we are invited to enter into a right relationship with Him.

  • Southern Grace Distillery offers unique and delicious bourbons, and their Conviction Single Barrel Pick is a great example of their craftsmanship.

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