Message Topic: Anxiety

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Pours this episode:

  • Midnight Cask (JB & Corey)
  • Russels Reserve 10 Year (Rob)
  • Whiskey War Double Oak (JB & Corey)
  • Midnight Cask Barrel Proof (Rob)
  • Whiskey War Barrel Proof (Featured Pour)


In this episode, JB and Fancy Rob discuss anxiety and mental health with their guest, Corey Reeves. They guys share their favorite whiskey experiences and discuss the impact of anxiety on their lives. They emphasize the importance of talking about anxiety in the church and creating a supportive environment. They also explore the relationship between anxiety and change, highlighting the need to trust in God’s control. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the challenges of anxiety and the importance of seeking help and support. In this conversation, Corey discusses the topic of anxiety and how God provides a place to pour out our anxieties. He emphasizes that anxiety is a built-in emotional response, and that God understands and addresses it throughout the Bible. Corey shares scriptures that highlight the importance of casting our anxieties on God and finding peace in Him. He also encourages finding creative outlets as a means of anxiety relief. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the feature pour of Whiskey War Barrel Proof.


  • Anxiety is a natural emotional response to stress, but it becomes a problem when it is uncontrollable and affects daily life.

  • The church should be a safe space for discussing anxiety and mental health, but many people feel afraid to share their struggles.

  • Change is a major source of anxiety, and the constant changes brought by the pandemic have made it even more challenging.

  • Seeking help and support is crucial in managing anxiety and finding healing.

  • Anxiety is a common emotional response, and God understands and addresses it throughout the Bible.

  • God provides a place for us to pour out our anxieties and find peace in Him.

  • Casting our anxieties on God and having faith in Him can turn negative anxiety into positive energy.

  • Engaging in creative activities can be a helpful way to relieve anxiety.

  • The Whiskey War Barrel Proof is a high-quality whiskey with a good value.

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