Message Topic: “One Flesh” – Here

Pours this episode:

  • Ezera Brooks Distiller Collection Pick (Rob)
  • Old Scout Store Pick (Rob)
  • Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Pick (JB)
  • E.H. Taylor Small Batch (JB)
  • Old Grand-Dad 114 (Featured Pour)
  • BONUS OGD114 paired with a Payday follow @whiskeymutant for more pairings


In this episode of JB’s Bourbon and Bible Talk, the JB and Rob discuss the concept of godly marriages and how they reflect the relationship between Christ and the church. They share personal stories of how they met their wives and the importance of having Christ at the center of their marriages. The guys cover topics such as the idea of one flesh in marriage, the submission to the will of Jesus, the bearing of Jesus’ love, and the witness to the gospel.

The episode concludes with a feature pour of Old Grand-Dad 114. Adding a unique twist, the guys experiment with pairing the whiskey with a Payday candy bar, discovering that it enhances the nutty and salty notes in a delightful way shareing their enjoyment of the whiskey and discuss the unique pairings suggested by @WhiskeyMutant.


  • Godly marriage has parallels between marital relationships and the connection between Christ and the church
  • Pairing the whiskey with a Payday candy bar enhances the nutty and salty notes.
  • Consider creating an infinity bottle project to blend small amounts of different whiskeys over time.
  • Building a community and supporting each other is an important aspect of the podcast.
  • The 2022 Infinity Bottle is Introduced

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